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Supermans- Core Strengthening Exercise

Dr. Serne demonstrating superman core exercise

This particular core exercise is fantastic for anyone with a disc injury (whether it’s a new injury, a flare up of an old injury, or a previously healed one.)  It is also a great starting point for those just beginning a core program.

Start by lifting one arm and the opposite leg into the air (as seen in the picture to the right.)  Hold for 3 seconds and repeat on the other side.  Pay attention to your breathing- make sure you are not holding you breath!  If you are just starting a core workout routine, stay with doing opposite arm and leg raises.  Repeat each side so you end up doing 5-8 holds per side.  After a few days of doing the arm and leg raises, proceed to step 2.


Now lift just your arms and chest into the air.  Hold for 3 seconds.  Ensure your gluts are as relaxed as possible so you work your back and not the butt!

superman arms













Finally, lift both arms and legs into the air.  Hold for 3 seconds.

sperman-all 4













Repeat the cycle 3-5 times.  I would recommend doing this series twice daily.  Please consult with your health care practitioner prior to engaging in these exercise to ensure they are suitable for you.

Have a great day,
Dr. Crysta Serné
Vancouver Chiropractor and owner of Vitality Clinic

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