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What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a system of medicine that developed and evolved in ancient China with the earliest medical texts dating back over 2000 years. The guiding principle of TCM stems from Taoist philosophy and focuses on the body’s balance of yin, yang, qi (energy), blood, and the five elements (fire, earth, metal, water, wood).  Good health is achieved when the body is in balance and going with the natural flow of the universe. Illness comes when there is a disruption to the balance and disease can manifest in a variety of symptoms that TCM categorizes into syndromes. TCM uses a variety of treatment methods to treat illness and disease, with acupuncture, herbal therapy and cupping being the most commonly found TCM therapeutic techniques in North America.

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is one method of treatment used within the Traditional Chinese Medicine scope that uses fine needles inserted into specific points on the body to enhance the body’s natural function or stimulate a healing response. According to TCM, the body’s qi travels along a systematic series of pathways or meridians, and acupuncture points are found on these pathways. Certain combinations of acupuncture points can activate the circulation of the body’s qi or energy, which promotes the body’s own ability to repair damaged tissues, restore normal organ function, or remove blockages to the flow of energy or blood.

Acupuncture is beneficial for:
• Muscle and joint pain,
• Poor sleep or insomnia,
• Emotional anxiety or stress,
• Digestive health issues such as bloating, constipation, and diarrhea,
• Fertility or reproductive health issues,
• Seasonal allergies,
• And more!

Clarissa also specializes in the use of microsystem acupuncture, which is a concept of applying acupuncture to localized areas such as the scalp or hand to treat a wide range of ailments. She has found the results for microsystem acupuncture to be highly effective and allows for those who are sensitive about needles or who are unable to lie down onto a treatment table to still receive treatment.

What is herbal therapy?
In TCM, herbal therapy uses plant, animal or mineral ingredients (mostly plant material)  either in combination or singly to treat a wide range of ailments. A distinctive feature of TCM herbal therapy is the use of classic formulas that have been developed and documented by the great master physicians of the past, with some of the earliest works published over 1500 years ago. These classical formulas serve as the guiding foundation and can be modified to suit the individual patient to provide customized treatment.

Herbal therapy is beneficial for:
• Chronic weakness, pain or fatigue,
• Digestive health issues,
• Chronic stress or anxiety
• Skin issues
• Reproductive system issues
• And more!

Clarissa uses herbal granules that do not require cooking by the patient and are a modern adaptation that offers greater convenience. The herbal granules are GMP compliant and are licensed for usage in Canada (click here for link).

What is cupping?

Cupping therapy is a treatment method that uses cups attached to the body by vacuum or suction to achieve increased blood flow to a specific area of the body. By promoting local blood circulation, stagnated blood trapped in congested or swollen tissues are drawn to the surface of the skin, where is it broken down much like a regular bruise, and healthy well-oxygenated blood can flow more freely in the area to encourage healing. Typically, after cupping there are bruise-like marks left on the skin that take approximately 7-10 days to dissipate, and with repeated treatments, the marks become less apparent as the tissues become healthier and less congested. Cupping is often combined with acupuncture for added benefit in promoting muscle and joint pain relief.

Cupping therapy is beneficial for:
• Acute and chronic muscle or joint pain
• Tight and stiff muscles

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