Holistic Nutrition

What is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist?

A Holistic Nutritionist is someone who uses food as a means for preventing disease and ensuring the body is receiving enough nutrients in order heal itself. Holistic Nutrition bases itself around the principles of allowing food be your medicine. This is achieved through diet rich in natural whole foods, supplementation, and lifestyle changes.

Services Provided:

Group Health Seminars
Grocery Store Tours
Lifestyle Assessments
Meal Plans
Nutri-System Profiles
Nutritional Consulting

What Can A Registered Holistic Nutritionist help with?

Chronic Pain
Digestive Difficulties
Digesting Illnesses (including, but not limited to, Celiac, Crohnes Disease and Colitis)
Prenatal and Postnatal Care

Holistic Nutritional Consulting is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure disease. If you believe you may have a health condition, please consult a medical or naturopathic doctor.

Achieve Optimal Wellness

By taking full advantage of the medical services plan and/or your own extended health benefits, you have the possibility of enjoying life to its fullest.

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