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Nature’s Relief- A Natural Anti-Inflammatory

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On several occasions every day in my Chiropractic practice, I am presented with patients who suffer from chronic inflammation; osteoarthritis, tendonitis, overuse injuries, old injuries, ect, ect. I have blogged in the past about the foods that one can take to help eliminate inflammation in the body (The Anti-Inflammatory Diet), but unless you want to gnaw on a Boswellia branch, sometimes food alone isn’t enough. Ibuprofen/Advil is often the patient’s drug of choice to combat that nagging, low grade, chronic pain one feels. I would like to provide you with information so that you have options, and then potentially reach for a natural alternative.

Dr. Meschino is a Naturopath, Chiropractor, and has his Masters in Nutrition. He is also the founder of Adeeva, a Canadian owned nutraceutical company. He has developed, in my opinion, the best natural anti-inflammatory product. Nature’s Relief* is comprised of four ingredients and depending on the dosage, can help alleviate acute and chronic inflammation.

I could speak volumes about the benefits of this product (in combination with other nutraceuticals and a healthy diet,) but it is so nicely summed up in the following video.

Should you wish to learn more about this product and many others, please call the office to book and appointment.

Enjoy your weekend!
Dr. Crysta Serné
Vancouver Chiropractor and owner of Vitality Clinic

*please consult with a health care professional prior to taking product as there are contraindications and considerations.

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