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Bicep Curl

proper technique of bicep curl performed by Dr. Serne

In order to maximize your muscle’s strength while performing any exercise, technique is critical. Here is the ideal position and technique for a bicep curl…

Point #1– The first point to consider is your carrying angle- it is the angle your arms make relative to the side of your body. Let your arms drop naturally by your sides and then open your palms so they face forward. This is your carrying angle; the position you should always perform your bicep curl at as it maximizes the space your bicep tendon has at the shoulder.

Point #2– Never let your arms fully extend at the bottom of the curl. When you fully extend, you lose the contraction and you place more strain on the tendon and joint. Keep your arms at about 160 degrees. You may want to drop your weight down a bit as you should fatigue more quickly keeping the contraction through the entire set.

Point #3- Pay attention to wrist position. They should remain planar (completely in line with your arm) through the entire curl. Often, especially with increased weight, individuals have a tendency to flex their wrists towards their body when performing the curl. Unfortunately, this is making the curl easier and you’ll just end up with really sore forearm muscles.

Point #4– Lower back. Always ensure you have the rest of your body in mind when performing any exercise. Pelvic tilt (belly button tucked under) and keep your knees slightly bent to avoid any unnecessary pressure through the lower back. If you are unsure whether you are rotating your torso or arching your back, stand against a wall while doing your bicep curls. If you notice you were doing either, your trying to lift too much weight so drop down a few pounds.

Have a great weekend!
Dr. Crysta Serné
Vancouver Chiropractor and owner of Vitality Clinic

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