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It seems Nutritional IVs have become a bit of a hot topic lately. As integrative clinics in Canada and around the world continue to offer this powerful therapy to their patients, more and more individuals have become personally aware of their potential for improved energy, immune function, and relief of symptoms associated with a variety of disease states and dysfunctions.
Perhaps most widely acknowledged, Rihanna recently tweeted an image of her “party girl drip”, although Simon Cowell, Madonna and Cindy Crawford are among those who regularly receive nutritional IVs.  Purportedly, to improve energy after long nights, fight jet-lag and stop the common cold in its tracks.

Let’s be realistic – Nutritional IVs, or IV Myers as they are often called, are capable of much more than curing your hangover, and may just be the missing link in your healthy lifestyle.

Historical basis:
Over 30 years ago Dr. John Myers, a physician from Baltimore Maryland, developed what is now known as the Myers cocktail. Following Dr. Myers death in 1984, Dr. Alan Gaby popularized the treatment, and modified it slightly to create the popular Myers cocktail used around the world today. Currently, naturopathic doctors and integrative medical practitioners offer this treatment to a wide range of patients. The Myers cocktail typically contains a potent mix of vitamin and mineral cofactors, required for optimal functioning. Some practitioners describe vitamin and mineral cofactors as “spark plugs” of the human body; they activate all metabolic processes, and are often depleted in times of stress. Typically, a Myers cocktail is composed of vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, glutathione, trace minerals and B vitamins, depending on the patient’s specific needs and nutritional status, and takes between 15 and 30 minutes to administer via IV drip.

As IV nutrient infusions are applied directly to the circulatory system, serum or blood nutrient concentrations are able to reach levels not possible via oral supplementation. As cells are continually flooded with nutrients, intracellular concentrations increase and cellular efficiency improves.

In addition to improved energy and mood, IV Myers infusions have been clinically demonstrated to improve the following, with varying levels of success:

• chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia
• allergic rhinitis
• respiratory dysfunction including acute and chronic sinusitis, bronchitis and asthma
• acute and chronic viral infections
• acute muscle spasm
• cardiovascular disease
• peripheral vascular disease
• congestive heart failure
• autoimmune disease
• migraine and tension type headaches
• improved response to exercise and recovery

Click on the article IV Myers by Dr. Alan Gaby for a summary of clinical evidence.

At Vitality Clinic, I’m happy to offer IV Myers infusions to new and existing patients. If you feel you may benefit from this powerful tool, please contact the clinic to book your initial appointment.

Since this treatment is offered in office, it is covered by most extended health care plans.

Have a great day,
Dr. Kaleigh Anstett
Vancouver Naturopath

4 responses to “IV Therapies”

  1. Tammy Tomek says:

    I have been trying to have this procedure done, cannot get Drs listen…MTHFR ++, plus many other issues…I have health plus insurance/ ppo I think. Do I have to have a referral, or can I just make a appointment. I live in Genesee county mi……

    • Good morning Tammy. I’m sorry but I can’t speak to what they allow in the United States. All I can provide you is information on what is allowed here in Canada; I know if you have an extended health plan in Canada, IV Therapy is covered as it is administered by a Naturopath.

  2. Nina Yerex says:

    Re: B12 deficiency suspected.
    I am 68 and am noticing increasing symptoms of feeling: tired, unmotivated, maybe depression, boredom, my legs tire more easily than a year ago, very foggy brain and slow memory. I have had blood testing lately and then commented on a slightly lower iron deficiency.

    I am looking for specific B12 testing to determine whether this is an actual deficiency or not. I am on heart meds and anti-reflux meds and anxiety meds.

    My phone at work is 604-684-6844
    Thanks so much

    • Hi Nina,

      B12 deficiency is very easy to test for, a quick and simple blood draw is all that is needed. At Vitality Clinic, we offer methylcobalamin injections (B12 injections). However, considering your symptoms, your best bet is to book in with Dr. Anstett, who is well quipped to determine if B12 injections or other therapies are indicated.

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