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Treating Seasonal Colds

Allergy, Cold anf Flu Prevention Tips Provided by Vancouver Wellness Team

Acupuncture and cupping are very powerful treatments to combat the risk of getting a seasonal cold by building up your immune system keep your body strong. For people already suffering from a seasonal cough and cold, acupuncture treatments and cupping will help you recover sooner rather than later so you can get on with your day to day responsibilities.

When the lungs, the sinuses and the stomach are compromised with a non-stop cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, and upset stomach, the whole body is affected. Sometimes people will even throw their backs out while they are coughing (The Chiropractors here at Vitality are fantastic for helping alleviate this!) Lack of sleep from being up coughing, or unable to breath because the sinuses are either running out of control or just plain blocked can run a person down very quickly, making it difficult to recover.

Traditional Chinese Medicine recognizes that each person’s common cold experience is different from another therefore, the treatments are always based on the individual’s specific symptoms.

Traditional cupping treatment is a great way to help clear the lungs of phlegm, open up the airways so the lungs can relax, and allow them to breath more deeply.

Acupuncture treatments will target the person’s organ systems most affected by the cold, to open up the nasal passages, relax the lungs, eliminate the heat from the throat, and calm the stomach.

Always drink a lot of warm to room temperature water when you are dealing with a cold. You may want to drink cold water because your throat is on fire, but drinking cold water will slow your digestion down and thereby keep the bugs inside. Your stomach is the like the cooking pot in the body, if you dump cold things in it, the pot will get cold, and once it gets cold, the cooking stops. You want to keep it warm all the time so it can process all the food and liquids allowing the small intestine to absorb the nutrients and send the waste to the large intestine to be eliminated from your body.

Be proactive to help your body recover so that your body can build itself up again. Sometimes people will feel as though they just get over one cold when another will hit them. Having Acupuncture and Traditional Cupping treatments will help your immune system recover sooner and be stronger.

Have a great day,
Julianne Petersen,
Vancouver Registered Acupuncturist

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