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To Cleanse or Not to Cleanse?

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Or so it appears to be on so many nutrition blogs lately. With the New Year (all to) quickly approaching many of us are thinking about getting back on the health wagon and what better way to do it then cleanse our body of all the waste it accumulated over the holidays, not to mention all those birthdays and going away parties that happen in the fall … oh and don’t forget our amazing summer we just had! The list just goes on, and then before we know it we’re back at January last year when we had all these goals to start 2014 off right. This story is all too common and I’ll be the first to admit I have fallen victim to this many times (I am real after all).

The problem is in not whether detoxing or cleansing is legitimate or not, the problem lies in how we treat are bodies the rest of those 358 days of the year (if the 1 week once a year cleanse is your thing). Many of the arguments are that there is no need to detox/cleanse because those amazing organs, primarily the liver, kidneys, and the skin, that process all the horrible things we subject ourselves to (knowingly and unknowingly) are amazing and need no help. Well to this argument I say “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?”. There are so many diseases well known and well documented that are all because we are putting too much stress on our bodies to have our organs performing optimally.

A cleanse by the simplest definition is: to make (someone or something) clean. This can be taken many ways but I like to think of it as “to make ones habits clean, to clean up ones diet, to clean up ones lifestyle, to clean up ones thought processes”. All of these when not clean, or shall we say dirty have MASSIVE effects on your health. I am a strong believer in getting introspective and taking a look at what we are doing to ourselves – how are you treating yourself? Maybe we need to take a step back and rethink a few things, maybe a few things need tweaking, maybe a few things need cleansing. Oops – did I say that? I sure did!

I think starting off the year with a cleanse is a GREAT idea; however I also feel this is not just a one week thing – this is a lifestyle. If you want to feel healthy and be your ideal you, your best you, you have to commit. Now don’t worry, I am not one of the health and wellness people out there that say, ok now, that means no dairy, no wheat, no alcohol, no caffeine, no this, no that for the rest of your life – that’s simply unrealistic. But I do think it’s essential to assess what’s really important to you. It’s time to prioritize a few things, and health and wellness should be at the very tippy top of that list!!

For the people that have done a cleanse or detox, most can honestly say they have felt better post cleanse. Some may have not felt much – and to those I say “Bravo” that means your body is doing pretty well already! There are also some that have felt horrible – to those I say “start slow, build up”. These people may have so much to rid their bodies of, that when they start to cleanse it overloads those organs we so love – our liver, kidneys, and skin. And then there are those that feel AMAZING!!! It is these people that keep the conversation up about cleansing and detoxing, because it works. I am of the “it’s amazing” and “eh, it didn’t do much” group now, but I started with it being tough.

It all starts somewhere, it’s got to start somewhere, it’s got to start sometime – what about now? Is 2015 going to be your year too?

Enjoy your day,
Karen Tattersall
Registered Holistic Nutritionist

One response to “To Cleanse or Not to Cleanse?”

  1. Marly Rutherford says:

    For those of us that don’t live close enough to see Karen, can she recommend a cleanse/detox?

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