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Tips for Travelling

Tips for Travelling from our Vancouver Chiropractor

I just recently returned from a trip and I thought I would share with you a few of my thoughts and tips.

1.  Whenever possible bring your own pillow

I know it can be cumbersome to pack, but your neck will thank you for it.  Most hotel pillows are too soft and therefore, create an inappropriate fulcrum for your neck when you are sleeping.  When sleeping on your side, attempt to have the pillow maintain a right angle between your neck and your shoulder.  Avoid sleeping on your stomach at all cost.

2.  If travelling on a plane where sleep is a possibility, bring a travel pillow 

Long arduous flights can create awkward sleeping positions.  I found that if I took a travel pillow and actually turned it around so that it supported the front of my neck, I didn’t have the “head bobs” that can cause muscle and joint pain.

3.  If on a plane or in a car for more than an hour and a half, get up and move around travelling tips

If you’re on a road trip, stop at rest stops to get blood flowing into your legs again; that is what rest stops are designed for (apart from the obvious bathroom breaks.)  If on a plane (and safe to do so), get up and walk the aisle a few times.  This can eliminate a restless leg scenario or potential muscle cramping.  It is also good for your lower back to change positions regularly as muscles and joints don’t appreciate being in one position for too long.  Not unlike what you should do if you have a desk job!

4.  Stretch, stretch, stretch

If you are sleeping in a foreign bed, your body will notice.  Stretch your lower back, hamstrings, and neck muscles before you retire for the evening, and also when you have finished your shower in the morning.  Never stretch a cold muscle!

5.  Stick to your routine as much as possible

If you go for a run every morning, attempt to stick to doing so even if it is of a shorter duration.  If you practice yoga or work out, try to maintain your routine with as much regularity as you can.

6.  Carry travel insurance ALWAYS

Accidents can strike at any time, that is why they are called accidents.  Even if you are travelling over the border for the day, carry proper medical insurance.  Your health and your pocket book will thank you for it!

Safe travels!
Dr. Crysta Serné
Vancouver Chiropractor and owner of Vitality Clinic

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