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Hydration Advice offered by Vancouver Wellness Team

Everyone knows water is essential for life, but do you know how much you are supposed to drink in a day?  The kidneys can only filter water at a certain rate, so my rule of thumb is to drink 500ml per hour to a maximum of 3 litres.  Anything more than 500ml and you’re quenching your thirst but not hydrating your tissues.

If you struggle to drink water as part of your daily routine, here are a few suggestions:

1.  Add lemon or cucumber for flavour

2.  Start with drinking water at room temperature; it is easier to digest and often you can drink more without realizing it.

3.  Always have a water bottle nearby so you get into the habit of continually drinking small amounts throughout the day.

Don’t forget about your electrolytes as you need to make sure they stay balanced in order to aid with water absorption (coconut water is a great source.)

Have a great day!
Dr. Crysta Serné
Vancouver Chiropractor and owner of Vitality Clinic



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