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The Most Versatile Point in Acupuncture

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Spleen 6 ~ SanYinJiao (3 Yin Crossing)

Spleen 6, found on the inside leg just above the tip of the inside ankle bone, (four finger tips up). It is called 3 Yin Crossing because it has three acupuncture channels running through it, the spleen, liver, and kidney channels.

Vancouver Acupuncture Point Spleen 6

These acupuncture channels influence our body’s ability to handle stress, provide good blood circulation, and help us to feel grounded and supported. It is also the first point used for gynecological issues such as PMS, infertility, and menstruation.

You can use it on your own as an acupressure point to assist you or someone else, to relax; reduce pain and/or go to sleep.

That’s your acupuncture tip for the day !

Julianne Petersen
Vancouver Registered Acupuncturist

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