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The Effects of Sugar on Your Body

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As delicious as sugar can be in all of its sneaky forms, it is becoming exceedingly obvious that it is simply not meant to be such a part of our daily diet. There are good natural sugars (lactose as the natural milk sugar, and fructose as the sugar we find in fruits) that are vital to our blood sugar and health if within the recommended daily limits. The refined sugars, also known as crystals that taste good but have lost every bit of their nutritional value, are typically referring to white sugar. ‘Refined’ is referring to the extraction and purification process turning finished sugars into crystals that make it easier to add to foods; making that name brand loaf of bread taste uncharacteristically delicious.

The American Heart Association recommends that added sugar, either in the form of refined sugar or natural sweeteners, make up no more than half of your recommended daily discretionary calorie allowance. Equaling 100 calories per day for women and 150 calories per day for men. Regularly exceeding your daily added sugar limit can contribute to obesity and other chronic diseases, and takes up space in your diet that should be allocated to more nutrient-rich foods.

A quick look at what sugar is doing to our whole system, inside and out!

BRAIN: Sugar can rewire the brain’s pathways. Diets full of processed and sugar-heavy foods can increase the risk of depression by more than half than those who avoid it.

HEART: Sugar inflames the linings of the arteries to the heart, increasing the risk of stroke and heart attacks.

KIDNEYS: Sugar overload can damage the kidney’s filtration system, increasing the chance of developing diabetes. Diabetes is of the main causes of kidney failure.

GENITALS: Excess sugar can impair blood flow, increasing the risk of erectile dysfunction in men and sexual arousal disorder in women.

JOINTS: High-sugar diets pump inflammatory cytokines into your bloodstream, which can aggravate arthritis, causing an increase in pain throughout your body.

SKIN: When sugar is crowding your system, proteins incorporate it as part of their structure, aging skin and causing wrinkles.

All sugar intake- refined, natural, or otherwise- should all be monitored. Although natural sugar is healthier, it still is digested into our bodies and stored as fats that block insulin receptors and can cause blood sugar levels to rise even higher. Lowering your sugar intake only benefits you and your body. You’ll notice a higher energy level that stays constant through the day, a more clear and sharper mind, healthier skin, a better digestive system, and less pain throughout your body.

Have a healthy, happy day!
Caitlyn Fry, RMT

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