Reet Vahesalu
Today I had my first session with the replacement chiropractor for Dr. Clemenhagen - Dr. Lucas Tisshaw. My last session with Dr. Clemenhagen who just had a baby, her family has decided to move back to Ontario to be close to their families. Dr. Tisshaw was at my last session, we shook hands, I told him later, I was making an appointment based on his strong handshake. He did not disappoint. I am leery of chiropractor's I tell you, but I found a great one with Dr. Clemenhagen and I am thrilled that in Dr. Lucas Tisshaw I have found yet another awesome chiropractor. Mum says I was born under a lucky star! So if you are looking for a comfortable, knowledgeable chiropractor, I highly recommend Dr. Lucus Tisshaw. I do have to mention, I have found all the staff at Vitality Clinic to be wonderful and skilled at what they do.

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