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Stretch Your Pecs!

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This article is for all of those computer working, desk slumping, poor driving posture, tv watching hours a day people. The most common home care exercise that I have given to clients is to stretch out their pecs. Often the tension that we feel in between the shoulder blades can result in discomfort, tiredness, crunching sounds when in motion and eventually it may progress in to a headache.

Our bodies, like our minds and lives need balance. Our pain is the 
symptom of what is not happening correctly; we are out of sync. The changes that occur to the structure of our bodies after hours of poor posture and year after year that cause mid back tension.
As our bodies get used to the shortened position of hunching, our upper bodies slump forward and our should roll inwardly. Over time this allows our posterior shoulder muscles to become weak and elongated, while in the chest muscles adapt to a shorter posture. In a sense the chest over powers our backs.

In order to restore the balance, one needs to decrease the shoulder and mid back tension by opening or releasing the chest , and the shoulder stabilizers must be strengthened.

To promote a healthy chest length the pec muscles must be stretch
regularly to combat the hours of tight, pain promoting poor posture.
The best and most effective stretch I have used is done in the door
frame. Ensure that the both forearm are entirely on the door frame at shoulder height, lean through the door leading with the breast bone.

The stretch should be felt in the middle of your chest – not in your shoulder. Hold for 30 seconds, relax and repeat 2-3 times, twice a day.

Consider coming in for Chiropractic treatment and Massage.  Your body will thank you for it!

Have a great day,

The Vitality Team

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