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Running In The Rain

Running Tips Offered by Vancouver Chiropractor and ART Provider

Does rain deter you from going for a run? If it’s a torrential downpour, then I’m skipping the day and heading for the gym, but if it is a reasonable drizzle or showers, then a run in the rain can be a terrific outdoor experience. Here are some simple tips to help you get out that door:

1. Do your warm up indoors. You warm up, right? Donkey kicks, fire hydrants, glut bridges, and lunges are 4 simple and quick warmup exercises you should probably consider prior to running as these all will activate your gluteal muscles and your core cylinder, taking stress of the knees and low back. Do them inside in your living room before heading out in the rain!

2. Wear a hat. Simple. Keep those pesky misty raindrops out of your eyes as we don’t want to be focusing on squinting and keeping our sight lines open.

3. Dress in layers. Don’t wear too much clothing to try to keep dry or you will end up overheating and sweating more than usual. Find the right rain shell for you or skip it completely and embrace that you are going to get wet.

4. Put your iPod in a plastic bag. Throw in your credit card to stop for a warm drink after!

5. Have a warm snack at home waiting for your arrival. A homemade soup or chili is perfect for a post run bite.

*we also advocate wearing proper attire (unlike the reallyy great picture to the right. 🙂 )

Have a great day,
Dr. Lucas Tisshaw
Vancouver Chiropractor and ART Provider

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