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Negate Travel Aches and Pains

Are you one of the lucky ones looking forward to a much deserved holiday or extended travel? If you are, then congratulations and have an amazing trip! But if you are an individual who has a regular workout routine, chiropractor, or massage therapy treatments helping you to maintain your optimal health, consider planning ahead for the sudden change in your routine. Carrying luggage, sitting and waiting beforehand in the terminal or during your flight, and sleeping on a different mattress may aggravate an already existing ailment. Conditions such as piriformis syndrome, sacroiliac (SI) instability, sciatic pain, lower back, and knee pain. We put together a valuable list of tools you can easily incorporate into your journey to help keep you feeling fantastic!

Lower Back Support

Even if your flight is only a few hours in duration, sitting on the airplane can be uncomfortable and may aggravate ailments you already have; especially for the hips, lower back, and knees.

Sitting without support causes your lumbar spine to reverse it’s curve (slouch), adding compressive pressure to your sacrum and relevant joints. Your pelvis tilts posteriorly (backwards) and your hip flexors tighten into a shortened position. A lumbar support cushion will protect your spine by encouraging a proper posture. Otherwise, ailments like piriformis syndrome, sciatica, sacroiliac weakness, and hip flexor tendonitis will be aggravated and cause pain.

Before you take off, ask your chiropractor or massage therapist for a lower back support. They should be able to order you a proper fitting cushion.

Take Stretch Breaks

These days, unless you have a whole row to yourself, there is generally not enough room at your seat to properly stretch. If you’re on a long flight, please consider taking some time to stand up and implement some stretch breaks. Use the privacy and space of the washroom to stretch your hips and quads. Squat down to stretch your hips and grab an ankle at a time to stretch your hip flexors.

Sweat It Out

You may be exhausted from the travel but taking an hour to warm up your body once you have reached your destination is crucial. Additionally, if you are dealing with jet leg this is even more vital to your overall well-being. Exercise releases positive hormones that will help you feel great and boost your energy levels.

A cardiovascular workout will soften adhesions and loosen tight joints. A low impact workout like swimming, cycling, yoga, or treadmill walk are a few examples. If your destination does not provide a gym or yoga studio, using nature or hotel stairs can make for excellent substitutions!

Fascial Stretching

After working out, follow it up with this stretching program. Hold each stretch for 1-3 minutes and practice strong diaphragmatic breathing during each posture.

Wall Hamstring Stretch

Double Sided Spinal Twist

Piriformis Stretch

Hip Flexor and Quad Stretch

Abductor (Groin) and General Relaxation Stretch


Stay hydrated! It can be tricky with security check points to always have water with you, but do you would being yourself a disservice if you didn’t bring your water bottle to fill after. You’ll be encouraged to finish it at each check point keeping you hydrated and energized.

Proper water intake will help with
• Immune support
• Decreasing fascial adhesions
• Increasing energy levels

If you can incorporate all these tips, or even most of them, you will certainly appreciate the benefits!

Happy Travels,
The Vitality Clinic Team

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  1. Great tips. I will include this in my next travel email newsletter.

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