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Life is A Balancing Act

Health and Lifestyle Tips Provided by Vancouver Chiropractor

From work, to play, to how much milk we put on our cereal, we need to exercise discipline and moderation. This is not some new revelation but it’s worth revisiting, especially when it comes to the foods we eat. I love the old adage “it’s not strong enough until it’s too strong” as it demonstrates how delicate the balancing act in our body really is.

Every second of every day your body is tirelessly working to be as efficient as it can; I suggest we help it out as much as possible. Just like tires or the clutch in your car wear out, things can wear out in your body. The difference is that your body is the only vehicle you will have for life so let’s provide it with as many preventative tools as we can.

I can go into a biochemical spiel about the effects of prostaglandin pathways and homocysteine levels affect inflammation in your body, but I suspect you would prefer a few dietary tips instead.

Anti-Inflammatory                                                     Pro-Inflmmatory

EFA’s                                                                                Red Meats/Fats
Fish Oils                                                                          Dairy products and Eggs
Vitamin E                                                                        Peanuts
Bioflavinoids                                                                  Processed foods/Oils
Vitamin/Mineral Co-Factors                                      Alcohol
Most Fresh Fruits/Vegetables                                   Coffee
Seeds and Sprouts                                                       Black Tea

The body’s clean up crew:
Lungs, lymph and kidneys
Liver (antihistamines, C-P450, deconjugation)
Circulating digestive enzymes (proteases)
Anti-oxidant nutrients (Vit A,C,E, Zinc, Selenium, etc).

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Have a great week,
Dr. Crysta Serné
Vancouver Chiropractor and owner of Vitality Clinic


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