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The most common question about intra-oral work is “Why would anyone need massage inside their mouth?” Simply stated, to increase the health of the jaw muscles. If the muscles of the jaw are too tight it may cause a decrease in mobility of the jaw when eating, speaking, and yawning.  You may also note a “clicking” upon opening and closing the mouth, and commonly experience morning jaw pain.

Tempromandibular joint dysfunction or TMJ dysfunction is a common cause of headaches and jaw pain and on occasion, ear stuffiness, or loss of hearing. TMJ dysfunction may be brought on by dental procedures, grinding at night, clenching, chewing gum, stress or a facial injury, such as a punch or motor vehicle accident. The actual treatment of the TMJ dysfunction is done by relaxing the external jaw muscles that include the temporalis and the masseter, which are mainly responsible for the closing action of the lower jaw. As for the internal muscles, the medial and lateral pterygoid are accessed between the cheek, upper jaw, lower jaw, and the tongue.  In addition to massage, Chiropractic treatments of the TMJ may help reduce clicking of the joint and headaches.

Please be aware that latex or latex-free gloves are worn in all intra-oral work. The techniques used are quite gentle, although at times very intense. Many clients will report very sharp feelings or referral sensations into their face and teeth. Tearing (lacrimation) of the eye is also common. Once the treatment is complete the jaw itself is said to feel very relaxed and less compressed. Also, a decrease in clicking and a decreased tension related headaches may be noted.

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2 responses to “Jaw Massage”

  1. Linda Morgan says:

    Hi there,
    I’ve been having troubles with my right jaw for weeks. Been seeing an acupuncturist who specializes in TMJ but it’s not helping. Can you get me in ASAP?
    Thank you in advance.

    • Good morning Linda,

      As soon as Caitlin arrives at the office, she will look at the schedule and contact you with our availability.
      Thank you for reaching out to us!
      Dr. Crysta Serne
      Chiropractor and owner of Vitality Clinic

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