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Hockey Season is Back!

Injury Prevention Tips Provided by Vancouver Chiropractor

Hockey season is back and in full swing for many of us, be it professionally, minor hockey, or beer leagues across the country. For some, the summer was filled with off ice training and strengthening programs.   This can go a long way for a healthy and productive season, but for most of the amateur recreational players, hitting the ice again this fall means aches, pains, strains, and stiffness anywhere from our low back, hamstrings, groins, or shoulders. American football and the NFL have a strong link with chiropractic care, while the NHL and amateur hockey in Canada and the US would benefit with further uptake of spinal adjustments and myofascial release technique, they lag behind compared to the NFL.

Like football, hockey is such a dynamic contact sport with rotation, cutting, pivots, starts and stops, and sprints; the demand on the back musculature and joints is high, and stabilizing and propelling muscles such as the hamstrings, hip flexors, and gluts can tighten up quick with the high demands placed on ice stability. These tight muscles that attach to your pelvis can quickly lead to an immobile pelvis, resulting in further low back tightness and pain during training and games. The sacro-iliac joints (SI joints), where the tail bone attaches to the hip bone, are a common site of injury in hockey players, with the pain ranging from very acute, to long lasting chronic discomfort. Spinal manipulation, myofascial release (MRT), and glut rehabilitation exercises are often the base of a treatment plan, deviating and tailored for the individual depending on the presenting case.

If you have back pain from hockey, don’t let it linger as it will likely get worse as the season goes on, get it checked out immediately. And like how many NFL players take advantage, regular chiropractic care throughout the season can go a long way to improve flexibility and decrease regular tightness from game day.

Have a great day,
Dr. Lucas Tisshaw
Vancouver Chiropractor and ART Provider

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