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Ergonomic Work Hacks

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During the ups and downs of our work schedules throughout the year, sometimes it’s hard to fit in the time to be active and get the exercise we need to get the blood flowing and maintain good health. You may have heard that “sitting is the new smoking”. Why? Because sitting for just a few hours a day has been linked to negative health outcomes which include elevated risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and many other chronic health conditions, let alone sitting leads to increased muscle and joint soreness due to excessive unnatural posture (sitting!) for hours a day. Chiropractic care combined with as much active moving and healthy eating is the perfect complement to counteract our new “addiction” of chronic sitting. Continue your regular hands on care through chiropractic adjustments and massage, but increase the levels of activity where you can! Do you get regular dental cleanings and then go home and not brush your teeth until your follow up appointment? No! We can all use regular chiropractor tune ups to help us improve our joint movement, posture, and increase wellness through nervous system stimulation, and we will build on this wellness improvement if we fit in regular exercise where we can, even if it means to develop an easy routine while at work.

Get outside during Lunch
It is so easy to watch the clock hit noon and head to the fridge to grab your brown bag and head back to your desk to eat, but that’s exactly what you have been doing for most of the day already. Pick up that meal and head right out the door to a park that is at least 10 minutes away from the office. Stretch, walk, stand, breathe, and enjoy the outdoors for those precious moments! Or maybe you can pack your runners and have a 25 minute power walk or run before heading back to the office for regular lunch routine – either way, get out of the chair!

Take regular water cooler breaks
As depicted in a famous Seinfeld episode, the water cooler is a great place to break up your day at the office and socialize with colleagues. This breaks up your sitting routine, helps you toward your goal of at least 2 L of water per day, and adds to your social wellness with more human interaction.

Switch up the ergonomics of your work station
A quick an easy addition to your office is to get an exercise ball that you can sit on. This doesn’t mean you have to use it for 8 hours a day, but roll it over in place of your chair for 20 minutes every couple of hours. Exercise balls force your body to contract some core muscles and improve spinal posture. The more involved process of an ergonomic change would be getting an adjustable desk for different heights which allows you to choose between standing and sitting. You might realize that a standing work station improves your life dramatically!

Create your own office workout “circuit”
You know those stripped down outdoor fitness circuits that can be found in some of our parks that often include a dip bar, a few chin up bars, maybe some rings, and some sort of box apparatus to jump on to? Well they are great if you know how to squeeze the most out of them and I want you to use your office in the same way.

• Dips off your desk or office table
• Squats against the wall
• Planks and bridges on the floor
• Lunges around the office
• Calf raises while holding your desk
• Wide grip pushups against the door frame

Tune in soon for a post on scientifically researched study of a combination of exercises that can be done in 7 minutes to improve your health and wellness!

Have a great day,

Dr. Lucas Tisshaw


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