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Why You are Taking That OTC Supplement?

Supplement Advice Provided by Vancouver Chiropractor

Often when patients are in for their initial visit, I will observe they have a laundry list of supplements, vitamins, and minerals  they take. When I ask them why they are taking them, the most common respond is “because I read it was good for me.”

I CAUTION you not to take supplements (aka nutraceuticals) without consulting a health care professional first as there can be serious adverse reactions when taken with other prescriptions or supplements. For example, garlic should be avoided if you have a bleeding or blood clotting disorder or diabetes, or if you are taking any medicines to prevent or treat a blood clotting disorder or diabetes.

Another example is Glucosamine Sulphate (GSS). It should not be taken by anyone allergic to shellfish as that is often where the GSS is derived from in the supplement.

Another important factor is knowing HOW much of the supplement to take. Vitamin C is a perfect example; depending on its dosage it can work to prevent scurvy (a very uncommon malady nowadays), serve as an antioxidant, or increase wound healing.

Lastly, it is often wise to discuss what brands to purchase different supplements from. It is due to something called “label claim”. In essence it means what it says on the label is exactly the amount of the product inside the bottle. Sadly, the majority of big name drug stores and supplement companies can’t meet “label claim”. Their products of often only have a fraction of the product in it when tested (often via chromatography) and use fillers in lieu of. By engaging in this practice, it substantially decreases the cost of the product. The Chiropractors and Naturopath at Vitality clinic purchase products guaranteed to meet label claim- the amount on the label will be the exact amount found inside the supplement until the expiration date.

We, as practitioners, would prefer you to purchase the products we dispense but you DON’T HAVE to! Often, we don’t even carry the product you’re interested in. At least know you can have the discussion with us and we can offer you alternatives or ensure you are taking a quality brand.

Have a great weekend,
Dr. Crysta Serné
Vancouver Chiropractor and owner of Vitality Clinic

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