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Cooking On a Budget

Nutrition tips Offered by Vancouver Chiropractor

I get it. It’s hard to eat well while maintaining a strict food budget. Seeing a chiropractor isn’t only about your spine- here are some tips I have offered my patients over the years.

1. Buy bulk– quinoa, whole wheat or vegetable pastas, flour, spices, and nuts are often much less expensive when purchasing in bulk.

2. Invest in a slow cooker! The $30 you spend now will save you ten fold down the road for a few reasons.
a. you can purchase less expensive cuts of meat as cooking them in a slow cooker makes them much more tender.
b. you can batch book.

3. Batch cook– you can make a big pot of chili, soup (or stoup), or pulled pork and have leftovers so you don’t buy expensive meals or snacks on the go. Casseroles are another great way to “batch cook” as you can put them into portions and freeze them for later.

4. Meat can be the most expensive component to your meal and often puts you over budget. To ensure you are eating enough protein, use beans and quinoa in your meals as often as you can. Black beans in the cowboy chicken recipe I provided earlier this year, or a Mexican casserole (2 cups brown rice or quinoa, 2 cups back beans, shredded cheese and salsa to your liking.), red beans in chili, chickpeas in hummus, quinoa added to any salad etc, etc.

5. Make your own food as much as possible. Why spend $3 on a muffin when you can make a dozen for just a few dollars more.

6. Eat seasonally. Local fruits and vegetables in season are often much less expensive (and better for you!) than foods imported from somewhere else.

7. Find simple and easy recipes so you don’t feel overwhelmed in the kitchen. The majority of the recipes I post on the website are easy, nutritious, and cost effective. check them out here 

8. Plan ahead. Spend the time cutting up vegetables for quick and easy snacks, or portioning that yogurt and trail mix. You don’t want to find yourself famished without anything to eat as you will undoubtedly buy that expensive pre-made meal as it’s the “easier” option.

Hope this helps!
Dr. Crysta Serné
Vancouver Chiropractor and owner of Vitality Clinic

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