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Chiropractic Isn’t All About the “Crunch”

Reasons to seek out a Vancouver Chiropractor

Many individuals thrive on the sound they hear when they seek out chiropractic treatments; they feel robbed if they don’t hear it. However, the high velocity low amplitude adjustment that renders that cavitation, or sound, is not for everyone….. The hard part is having the chance to speak to the patient about their options before they come in.  A lot of patients don’t seek out Chiropractic care because they don’t like the thought of hearing that sound, or want their neck or body moved in a particular way. It doesn’t have to be like that! I have found that an overwhelming number of patients utter these words at some point in their treatment plan; “if only I had come to you sooner!” It is both a source of frustration and a challenge to me because I want to be able to help individuals but I can’t have a living room chat with everyone to try and change their perspective on Chiropractic and the level of care that I can provide.

Case In Point  

My mother’s friend was at the house seeking out answers to questions he had about his particular condition. He was never fully informed of why he was having such excruciating back pain when he visited a previous health care Practitioner, nor was given a diagnosis. I sat down with him for an hour and explained the anatomy of the area in question and the cause of his concerns. I questioned him as to why he never sought Chiropractic care and he went into a long diatribe about how his wife had seen someone but he was nervous and wasn’t sure it was for him. He then exclaimed that as a  result of talking to me, I changed his attitude about Chiropractic and more importantly, gave him some very needed optimism that he could recover from his ailments.  Unfortunately, I can not reach everyone this way…

When you first seek out treatment from a Chiropractor, it is usually for one of a few reasons. Mostly, it is due to feeling of being “out of alignment, stuck, or locked,” that causes you discomfort, pain, or lack of mobility. During the initial assessment, I perform an extensive examination and history. Before a treatment is EVER rendered, I will determine what treatment options will work best for you and talk to you about them; your comfort level is one of the most important elements when rendering an adjustment. Let me explain what a high velocity low amplitude (HVLA), or manual, adjustment is. I personally find that it one of the most useful techniques for most patients, as it creates the largest change in the joint over a relatively short period of time. The most important factor though, is ensuring that the muscles are relaxed and you can deliver the adjustment quickly. The other chiropractic techniques I implement are useful, but I find that they take longer to yield the same results. Activator is a mechanical tool that looks a lot like a leather puncher. It has a nice rubber stopper on the end that with the force of the coil, causes the joint to move, with out ever rendering a sound or having the patient in an “awkward” position. Activator is also very useful for small joint like the fibular head, or some of the ankle or wrist articulations. In addition, it is an EXTREMELY useful tool to use on patients that are apprehensive or don’t like hearing any sound.

The drop table technique is a very useful to tool to use as it takes the muscles out of play so the patient is always relaxed. I find the drop piece very useful for hips, pelvis, shoulders, and stubborn low backs.  These techniques, combined with soft tisue therapy, stretches, strengthening exercises, modality work, supplement recommendations, and home care advise are all taken into consideration when developing a specific treatment plan.

Once again, chiropractic CAN be for everyone. It is just a matter of understanding your needs and comfort level.  I hope this allows you to have an open mind when perhaps making a decision to visit us.

Have a great day,
Dr. Crysta Serné
Vancouver Chiropractor and owner of Vitality Clinic

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