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Biopuncture (Acupuncture Injection Therapy)

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Biopuncture (also referred to as Acupoint or Acupuncture Injection Therapy) is an acupuncture therapy using biological products to work through and activate the lymphatic system (the body’s garbage collection system).

The majority of the products used are vitamins; Homeopathic remedies from Pascoe; and Procaine 1 % a nontoxic local anesthetic. They are injected into the skin or muscles of affected area, trigger points, or corresponding acupuncture point to relieve pain, promote healing, regulate hormones, and stimulate the immune system.

Biopuncture is both safe and effective. The products used are sterile, naturally and readily absorbed, and given in ultra-low doses. The fine needles are similar to acupuncture needles so they will not cause trauma. After treatment, the area may feel achy and tight for a day or two but is relieved with a hot bath and gentle stretching. These reactions are considered a positive outcome as your body’s own natural healing process will have been activated.

Biopuncture or Acupoint Injection Therapy can be an effective treatment for:

• Sports Injuries
• Low Energy
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
• Tendonitis
• Arthritis
• Muscle & Ligament Tears and Sprains
• Seasonal Allergies
• Menopause, PMS, Endometriosis or Dysmenorrhea
• Anxiety

The number of treatments will vary depending on the condition but, generally for a new injury, 2 treatments the first week and then once a week for a few weeks is the recommended treatment plan. Chronic conditions and degenerative conditions may take longer due to the length of time the body has been dealing with it.

Have a great day,
Julianne Petersen
Vancouver Registered Acupuncturist and Certified Acupuncture Injection Therapist

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