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Bio-Energy Healing

Emotional Advice Provided by Vancouver Naturopath and Registered Acupuncturist

We are electro-magnetic beings made up of energy that creates and runs our body systems, and our body has the amazing ability to heal itself but it needs to be free flowing to do this work.  The electro-magnetic fields within and all around our bodies are governed by 7 energy centers or Chakras.  These Chakras can become blocked or congested due to stress, trauma or injury thereby causing various forms of emotional and physical distress.

Bio-Energy Healing is a health modality that focuses on the body’s bio-magnetic energy field of the body to relieve physical pain and the effects of stress.  When the body is able to restore it’s natural free flow of magnetic energy, a new health and wellness blueprint can be attained.

The effects of stress build up in the body and it’s energy field, this can cause poor sleep, a feeling of being ungrounded, being emotionally upset or even being unable to deal with the smallest tasks.  Bio-energy can help you feel better.

Pain that returns without a re-injury can also be due to congestion within the body’s energy field.  Bio-Energy techniques focus on removing this congestion to reduce and eliminate pain.

As a Practitioner I perform a series of hand techniques around the client’s body while they stand or sit depending on the technique being used.  The series of techniques will open and clear stagnant congestion or blocked energy caused by stress, trauma or injury so that your body and mind can function at a higher frequency level.
Based on the severity of illness, some clients may benefit from a second course of treatment.  It is also advised to continue monthly sessions for health maintenance and and in order to achieve new levels of health.

The protocol is based on 4 sessions once a week with a 5th session follow up 4 weeks later.

Conditions treated include:

* Back Pain / Body Pain
* Headaches
* Arthritis
* Depression
* Irritable Bowel Syndrome
* Eczema
* Emotional Distress
*Effects of Stress
* Lack of Purpose

Julianne Petersen
Registered Acupuncturist
Practitioner of Bio-Energy Healing

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