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Achieving Your Goals Thru Acupuncture

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Need an advantage to help you achieve your New Year’s Goals ?

Acupuncture works to help your body and your mind work to it’s highest potential. There are many points (365 regular points) that each have their own unique properties.

One such point is ShenMen, (Mind Door, Spirit Gate), Heart 7

It is found on the inside of the wrist, in a depression on the baby finger line, close to the small hand bone that you rest your hand on when you are using the mouse.

This is one of the best point to use to calm and regulate the spirit and the mind. When the spirit and the mind loses harmony, there is restlessness which gives way to anxiety, fearfulness, poor memory and concentration as well as poor sleep. This state can make it very difficult for you to assert your will power and overcome certain situations. When your spirit and mind are calm, you feel your power and you know in your heart you are going to accomplish your goal.

So when you are feeling anxious, a little acupressure on this point can help you calm down and carry on.

Have a wonderful day !
Julianne Petersen, RAc
Vancouver Acupuncturist

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