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A Great Tool Post Surgery or Injury

Registered Massage Therapy For Post Surgical Care

Research suggests that benefits of massage therapy, both physically and psychologically, post-surgically contributes immensely to the healing process (Adams, White and Beckett, 2010).

Benefits of Massage Therapy Post Surgery or Injury

o Pain
o Blood Pressure
o Heart Rate
o Anxiety
o Fatigue
o Nausea
o Depression

o Blood Flow
o Endorphins
o Dopamine

By addressing the above symptoms, massage therapy can allow your body to focus on recovery.

In addition, massage therapy is a great tool to treat scar tissue post surgery or injury. Scar tissue is a build up of fibrous connective tissue that can cause serious issues down the line including, but not limited to, limited range of motion and flexibility, postural misalignment, pain, and nerve impingement. After waiting the recommended six weeks, your RMT can perform myofascial techniques to the scar to help decrease adhesions in order to prevent complications and help you recover.

So whether you are recovering from surgery or an injury, consider the benefits of massage therapy to help you return to your optimal wellness quickly!

Have a great day,
Nicole LeBlanc,
Vancouver Registered Massage Therapist

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