Tom Robbins
I suffered from recurring lower back pain for almost a year. I tried massage, yoga, physical therapy, and exercise, and I still experienced pain at varying degrees of debilitation, including immobility. Dr. Serné came highly recommended from a friend of a friend. I had never visited a chiropractor, but thought I’d give it a try. Dr. Serné took the time to clearly explain to me what the issue was I was dealing with, what the causes were and the best path to healing. In addition to adjusting my back, Dr. Serné went through specific exercises to help me strengthen my core, demonstrated how to complete them, and provided me with a reference document to encourage me to continue at home. She is respectful of my time, and is punctual in meeting me at my pre-booked time. She’s friendly, and funny, and helps me to feel relaxed while being adjusted. Chiropractic is the only remedy that has made my back feel better.

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