Scott Magee
Fantastic...the Staff is Wonderful (and extremely attractive!) I have used TCM for years and Dr. Low was wonderful but Dr. Serne who is well known to the Beautiful people of Vancouver (not to mention the odd Canucks player!) was a Revelation! She looks like someone I would hit on if I was out on a road trip and considering I was already TERRIFIED of Chiropractors I was thinking "she's gonna break my neck and back or tie me up like a pretzel...!" she did NONE of those things. She DID however put me totally at ease...EXPLAINED CLEARLY everything that was happening so even a Dummy like me could understand it and then she TORTURED ME FOR 10 MINUTES...! Just kidding...I got all adjusted relatively painlessly and left feeling (and looking!) 10 years younger! I would (and will) go back in a Heartbeat and couldn't recommend it highly enough...!

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