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Watermelon Has More Lycopene Than Tomatoes!

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I’m sure by now you have heard of lycopene- that nutrient that acts as a great antioxidant?  Well if not, here’s what you need to know about lycopene.

You can find lycopene in certain vegetables and fruits. Once you consume the foods with lycopene, your body will use it as an antioxidant. However, for your body to benefit from it, you need to eat enough of the foods containing lycopene. The fruits and vegetables that are great sources of this substance can easily be added to your daily health regimen. The following are some foods that contain high concentration of lycopene:

• Tomatoes
• Pink Grapefruit
• Pink Guava
• Watermelon
• Papaya

As a Chiropractor, I treat individuals on a daily basis suffering from inflammation.  I often have to advise them against eating tomatoes as they may create additional inflammation in your body.  To learn more about my anti-inflammatory diet, click here.  Watermelon is a great way to keep up your lycopene stores and ’tis the season to eat it.

Here are some great ways to indulge in this sweet and refreshing fruit, courtesy of the folks over at Huffington Post. Click here

Enjoy the holiday!
Dr. Crysta Serné
Vancouver Chiropractor and owner of Vitality Clinic


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