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Warming Socks

Warming Socks Vancouver Naturopath

Warming socks should be used at the first indication of any inflammation or congestion in the ears, eyes, sinus, throat, or lungs. Use warming socks when you have a fever or you feel you are starting to ‘come down with something.’ It has also been used effectively for headaches, insomnia, fevers, and a variety of other conditions.

The warming socks treatment is best if repeated for as many nights as necessary to improve the condition. Children love the treatment. You can put the socks on after the child has gone to bed if you wish.

• 1 pair of cotton socks
• 1 pair of wool socks
• 1 bowl

• Warm feet with hot water (you can also just use your bath tap)
• Soak cotton socks in ice cold water
• Wring out cotton socks so they are wet but not dripping
• Put on cold cotton socks
• Immediately put on dry wool socks over wet cotton socks
• Get into bed and wrap up

If you wake and have a chill, remove socks, and warm feet again with warm water.

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