Sandro Fracca
I was diagnosed with a MCL tear that my doctor said might require surgery. It was a nightmare to walk on it and I had a pretty bad limp. In my middle age now so I began to think maybe I was just "breaking down". I considered a few physio options but settled on receiving chiropractic treatment on the knee at Vitality. From the beginning to the end I realized that this clinic was not only treatment, but it was genuine care. Dr. Serné is an intelligent and extremely competent chiropractor who uses a fine balance of technological medical treatment with holistic ideology and practical and effective advice for the in-between visits to treat injury.  There are few medical facilities I have ever been to that felt like I was actually being looked after properly but here I instantly could tell that her patients appreciated her work, as I soon did. Several weeks later, the knee feels stronger than ever and the combination of machines, stretches, exercises, and actual human care made my decision completely satisfying. Dr. Serné has helped me get my bounce in my step back and I'm as active as ever, maybe more.  Well worth your time and money. Sandro Fracca

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