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Spring… a Sign of New Beginnings

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In Chinese Medicine, Spring is the Wind’s time and wind always brings change.  The elements of cold, heat, and dampness like to “hook up” to the wind’s energy and take a ride, sometimes right into our bodies.  That’s why it is so important to be aware of the wind.  You can love it, as I do but take precautions.  In the Spring, the wind blows in all directions.  It can be warm one minute and cool the next.  When it’s sunny and warm, we leave our winter coats at home, only to be caught off guard when the cool breeze flows in from the north.

The breeze becomes wind, and next thing you know, you have a headache, stiff neck, a pulled hamstring, and lower back pain.  This is the power of the wind!  To combat this, dress in layers, keep the back of your neck protected, and wear socks.  Sip warm-hot water even when you are in the sun, this protects your throat from the inside and keeps your blood warm so it circulates with ease.  Cold blood leads to stagnation and stagnation leads to pain of all sorts.

The weather elements can find their way into your body through the body’s natural doors and pores, which can result in the Common Cold.  When the Cold hitches a ride on the tail of the wind it can bring on a stiff neck, a headache, coughing, and body aches, then turning to Heat when trapped inside the body causing a sore throat, red itchy throat or eyes, restlessness and sneezing; then a bit of Dampness for a poor appetite, nausea, lassitude, heaviness of chest, or dizziness among other things.  Acupuncture and cupping are very good remedies for all these symptoms of the imbalanced body.  They work to restore and encourage the body’s own natural healing energy.

Our environments, whether it is our day to day commitments, our self induced stressors or; experiencing the wonders of nature, they all affect our emotions.  The spring corresponds to Wood, and Liver Qi, which have to do with our growth and vitality.  Liver Qi moves suddenly, like the wind.  Managing our emotions can be a challenge for all of us.   Having regular Acupuncture is a great way keep the emotions running smooth and help you, to be more able to manage the stresses of life and enjoy the spring.

Julianne Petersen,

Registered Acupuncturist

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