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Running and Acupuncture

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Before race day, having acupuncture and cupping therapy treatment is a great way to prepare for it. Combined, they provide increased circulation to keep you mind and your body in a relaxed and positive state.

Whether you are a novice runner or have years of experience behind you, Acupuncture and/or Cupping can help you achieve your goals by keeping your muscles fortified and your energy high.

After race day, acupuncture and cupping therapy is also very beneficial. Research indicates that submicroscopic damage within the muscle cells remains for a couple of weeks. Cupping therapy relieves muscle soreness by providing gentle blood flow to the muscles. Muscles are like nets that need to have blood flowing through them in order to bring much needed nutrients to feed your body. However, when they are being challenged to perform on race day, they can get clogged with toxins that make the muscle hard and inevitably there will be soreness and pain. Acupuncture and cupping therapy helps bring healing nutrients into the muscles and also helps to remove waste products and damaged tissue.

Acupuncture opens up the body further by unblocking the energy that runs from your muscles to your tendons and your nerves. Our bodies are electrical beings that due to physical activities, mental strain and stress can become short circuited like a kink in the cord. Acupuncture points have very special properties that will help to re-connect the circuits so you can recover sooner rather than later.

Have a great day,
Julianne Petersen
Vancouver Registered Acupuncturist

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