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Prolotherapy and Acupoint Injection, is it right for you?

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When many people think of acupuncture, they think of needles and therapeutic techniques based on knowledge from over 2000 years ago. Mysterious, complex and ancient. What is less known is that over the last several decades, there have been interest not only in Asia, but all around the world in studying the efficacy and value of acupuncture in a scientific manner. Combined with new ideas and theories, modern research and integrating with other modalities, acupuncture has expanded and evolved.

One area where acupuncture has changed is the use of sterile injectable solutions into acupuncture points to treat chronic muscle pain. For acupoint injection, the acupuncture points selected often overlap with those found to be trigger points on persistently tight and painful muscles. The addition of specific sterile solutions into acupuncture points offer an enhanced effect of creating longer stimulation, nourishing local cells, and helping to calm down the pain response from chronically aggravated nerves. Often patients will feel the targeted muscle react to the needle puncture with a twitch response followed by a sensation of the muscle and affected areas relaxing or “releasing”. Myofascial trigger points (commonly known as “muscle knots”) were extensively researched by US physician, Dr Janet G. Travell, MD, and trigger points are used extensively in numerous pain treatment modalities, including acupuncture, massage therapy, physiotherapy, chiropractic medicine, and other muscle pain therapies*.

Prolotherapy is another form of injection therapy that strengthens weakened or damaged ligaments or tendons of joints. While it does not regenerate or connect completely severed ligaments or tendons, prolotherapy does encourage tissues to thicken and strengthen through the use of dextrose to elicit a healing response by the body. When a joint is unstable due to weak ligaments and tendons that are over-stretched or partially torn, there is often pain in the joint. By using prolotherapy to strengthen the tissues, the joint becomes more stable, and the pain would resolve as a result.

If you are experiencing persistent pain from tight muscles or painful joints from overuse or injury, acupoint injection and prolotherapy may offer you relief.

Please contact Clarissa directly at to see if acupoint injections and prolotherapy are right for you before booking your appointment. Not all patients are suited to use acupoint injection or prolotherapy.

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