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People are often concerned about what the next day may hold for them after receiving therapeutic massage. Of course different techniques and styles will vary from one therapist to the next as will each individual massage. One must not forget to include the clients health, pressure tolerance. prior or current injuries to the affected areas. The context of what is “normal” for post massage effects varies tremendously, however; there are some common reactions.

The most reported after effects are; tenderness to the touch, but no pain in movement, a bruised sensation with no visible cues, extreme thirst, sleepiness, grogginess, an increase of irritability, mild to moderate headache and muscle fatigue (please keep in mind that all reactions vary).

Along with the negative effects are the positive reinforcement of therapeutic massage. Those being a decrease in muscle tension, pain, headache, increase of mobility, sleep and flexibility.

As regular treatment progresses the negative effects should decrease quickly, which is another way to objectively ensure that the treatment is working effectively. There are also many ways to decrease the negative effects of post massage soreness or other concerns by being well hydrated before and after treatment, listening to ones body about rest and doing all appropriate homecare, if and when given by the therapist. Knowing what is expected is half the battle!

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