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Do You Suffer From Joint Pain With Weather Changes?

Knee Pain treated by Vancouver Chiropractor

In the Fall and Winter seasons barometric pressure drops, and this, more than the chilly damp and rainy weather, is the science behind the increase in joint pain that some people start feeling around October and November. With less barometric pressure, our body tissues expand, placing a slight increases in pressure against the joints.

Our joints are richly innervated with sensory receptors that detect this increase in tissue pressure, which results in the surrounding musculature to tighten up and brace the joint, as the nervous system reacts to what it thinks could be potential danger. Where does a chiropractor come in? As musculoskeletal experts, we work with the entire body, not just the spine, and have a toolkit of joint mobilizations, muscle work, and adjustments that increase joint range of motion and decrease joint discomfort.

The increase joint and muscle mobility from chiropractic sessions sends good positive signals from the sensory receptors in the joints to the central nervous system, leading to feedback loop of less musculature tightness and joint stiffness.

Have a great day,
Dr. Lucas Tisshaw
Vancouver Chiropractor and ART Provider

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